Firefighters must train to prepare for the safety critical conditions that they may face whilst attending emergency incidents on a daily basis.

The opportunity, when possible, to train in such environments is Limited, Complex, Resource Intensive, Expensive and Time Consuming. To meet these needs the next generation of advanced BA Training, utilising state of the art immersive 3D simulation technology has been developed.

LearnPro have developed, in collaboration with Fire & Rescue Service Subject Matter Experts, a ground breaking immersive 3D simulation suite to facilitate BA Training within a Domestic House Fire environment.

In the midst of a suite of realistic 3D scenes, Firefighters are positioned so that they may train to bring an incident to a satisfactory conclusion.

The complete robust package will contain two of the latest high quality Oculus Rift Sets, three noise cancelling Headphones and three high specification Laptops which have been specifically programmed to host the advanced technology simulations.

The next generation BA training environment is extremely light, portable, independent and simple to use so that it may be utilised across the country from the busiest city centre to the remotest of areas.

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